3 Easy DIY Gifts

Every holiday season, we’re faced with the stark reality that there is at least one guy we’re shopping for who has everything. Gift buying for them is a pain. Everything you buy, they already have. To combat the post holiday gift return trip, try making one of these 3 easy DIY gifts.

1. Canned Beer Cake
Using a few simple materials you can create a four-tiered cake made of beer. Take a 4 tier cake stand, stack on it 27-30 cans of the beer or beers of your choice, wrap in clear plastic wrapping paper and top with a festive holiday bow. Every amateur brewmaster will appreciate this quick gift.
2. Homemade BBQ Rub
For this simple gift all you need is an old mason jar, lid included, and your favorite grilling spices. Place thin layers of the spices in the mason jar leaving about an inch of space at the top for shaking room. Poke small holes in the metal lid of the mason jar. Use your judgement on the size and quantity of the holes based on what spices you use, then twist on the top and enjoy. For a more personalized touch, try making a label online to affix to the jar.

3. Worn in T-Shirt Quilt

This one may take a little more time but is well worth it. If you have a sewing machine, some thread, an old sheet, and a pile of his old t-shirts, you’re all set. It’s best to use shirts that may not be wearable, but that have meaning to both you and him. Cut a 12 inch by 12 inch square, or larger if preferred, from each shirt. Arrange them in any pattern or order you chose. Stitch each square together in your pattern. For a thicker quilt, place a thin layer of batting between the shirts and the sheet, sew the sheet and shirts together and enjoy.

These easy DIY gifts are just a few examples of all the creative gifts that can be made for any man. No matter what your creativity level, there is something for everyone.

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