4 DIY Birthday Gifts

Let’s face it. Men aren’t the easiest people to shop for especially when it comes to birthdays. How many ties, DVDs and t-shirts can you give someone?

Spice things up with these DIY birthday gifts. Each one allows for a little personalization at a low price point. This year you’ll feel good giving the special man in your life something he can truly enjoy.

4 DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Guy

1. Body Scrub and Oils

Men enjoy a little pampering now and then. Chances are your guy hardly ever buys fancy body scrubs or oils for himself.

Make bath time fun for both of you with this sexy almond sugar scrub and oil. Simply combine 1 cup of brown sugar with 1/2 cup of almond oil and coconut oil respectively. Save a bit of almond oil for an after bath massage.

2. T-Shirt Throw

Most guys have a collection of old t-shirts lying around. Instead of throwing them out, create a throw blanket full of memories. You’ll only need 12 t-shirts to make a personal throw.
Start by cutting the logo or design of each shirt into 12 x 12 inches. Organize the pattern of your quilt and then iron down the seams of each t-shirt. Using a sewing machine to connect the shirts. Pin the t-shirts to fleece, leaving just a bit of the fleece fabric around the edges. Sew together and he can cozy up in his memories.
3. Personalized Gift Basket
Thoughtful DIY birthday gifts make anyone feel special. For a memorable gift basket, choose a theme. A “man-themed” basket works well for everyone from your husband to your brother-in-law.
Fill an over-sized plastic beer mug with tissue paper. Adhere wooden sticks to items like chocolate bars, mini liquor bottles, body sprays, beef jerky packets and more. Tie a ribbon around each stick and place in your mug. Your special someone will love his manly bouquet!
4. Chalkboard photo frame
Jazz up a basic photo frame with a bit of paint. Just coat the inside of the frame with chalkboard paint. Use regular paint to decorate the edges of the frame. You can use this re-purposed frame for love notes, reminders and special quotes.
Add a handmade card to any of these DIY birthday gifts for a final personal touch.

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