7 Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Boyfriend Gift IdeasThe holidays are approaching and even if you haven’t written down the actual names, you’re already mentally going over your list for gifts. There’s mom and dad, siblings and their significant others, grandparents, and then there’s the boyfriend.

The person you probably spend the most time with who you still might be drawing a blank about. Sometimes a brain-racking process is made harder by a lack of good input.

I’ve been there before. I’m a boyfriend. I apologize. =]

I think I can speak for a few guys when I say that it’s difficult to come up with solid ideas when you’re on the spot. To make up for my one word answers and “I don’t knows”, here are a few ideas I pulled together with the pressure off.

Boyfriend Gift Ideas

1. His Romantic Evening

We’re under a considerable amount of pressure at least three times a year to make some grand romantic gestures: birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary. Not to mention the other, no-less important holidays: your first kiss, the first time you told each other “I love you”, your first date, the first time he put the seat down for you…

The point is, assuming he’s doing a good job taking care of you, maybe a romantic evening all about him would be good for both of you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. I bet anything too over-the-top would make him feel some pressure.

So, keep it simple:

      • Going off of what you already know to be his favorite things (mine are reading, hiking, milkshakes, and puppies for example), create an evening about him.
      • Take him by the hand, don’t say where you’re going, and drive him to his favorite place: the movies, his favorite burger place, the beach, the cabin you’ve rented for the night just the two of you.
      • Pick up tickets to his favorite show that he thought was sold out.
2. Bake Him A Pie

Guys love pie. I’m sure he’ll share it with you.

3. Take A Test Drive

I’m not super-keen on cars (I prefer bikes), but I have always wanted to take a Shelby out for a drive. I wouldn’t mind building a replica from a kit some day.

It’s a dream, anyway.

4. Rope Swing

We’re all kids inside. Tie a bowline knot:

Boyfriend Gift Ideas Knots

The reason you want this one is that it cinches on itself.

After it’s tied on one end around something heavy (a rock or heavy-ish stick works), throw it over a branch and feed the weighted end to yourself.

Then put the un-knotted end through the bowline’s loop that you just took the rock or stick out of.

Pull on the un-knotted end until the bowline cinches around the branch.

Tie some basic knots in the end to rest the feet on and you’re set.

P.S. If you want a better step-by-step, ↑click the diagram↑. You’ll find an awesome book by Geoffrey Budworth called The Complete Book of Knots. This is also a great gift.

P.P.S. An honest guy’s opinion: knowing how to tie knots is incredibly sexy.

5. Framed Photo of His Other Favorite Person

Maybe it’s his brother or maybe it’s his best friend. It could be his grandpa. Finding a photo of the two of them together and putting it in a nice frame is a winner.

I guarantee he’ll cherish it and truly appreciate that you gave it to him.

6. Spy Kit

You can buy any number of spy-themed gadgets, but I prefer something a little more old school. A classic novel by Le Carré or Fleming, a tumbler with a few fingers of something neat (tea or coffee if he’s on the wagon), a chair with a footrest, and he’ll be entertaining fantasies of espionage for days.

7. A Jar of Goodness

It should be anything he supremely enjoys.

Take a mason jar with a lid and pack it with:

      • His favorite candy
      • Fishing lures
      • Movie passes
      • Writing prompts
      • Words of love

So, that’s my top 7 unadulterated boyfriend gift ideas. If you’ve read these and you have some to offer, please leave a comment. Hopefully, they’ve given you something to run with when picking out a gift for the guy in your life.

Best of luck!

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