Cyber Black Friday 2013

Cyber Black Friday

We’re less than two weeks away from the biggest shopping day of the year. Some of us are getting tense, waiting with bated breath for the chance to rush into stores and battle for our loved ones’ Christmas goodies.

Others are remaining calm, creating lists of fun projects and ideas to make while avoiding the intense crowds.

I’ve never been to a store on Black Friday, but I can firmly say that it’s not for me. I’d much rather take care of my shopping early (I picked up gifts for my parents back in September) and often on-line.

Enter Cyber Black Friday. It all started back in 2009 when the site noted that on-line retailers were getting a jump on their Cyber Monday competition by offering up discounts and sales on Black Friday.

The motivation to bring in more money is obvious, but it has its benefits for you and me. We’re not fighting the crowd to get the best deals at 3 o’clock in the morning and we’re still saving money.

Some retailers start offering discounts this early. It seems absurd, but any pressure you can take off of the holiday season is welcomed in my family.

When the pressure is off, it becomes more about just being together and enjoying the festivities.

With that to focus on, here are a few items for the do-it-yourselfer Amazon is offering at a discount well ahead of time.

For diy projects, my preference is always DeWalt when it comes to drills. Simply, they last. They’re on sale for $100 off for the next week. 



The most useful tool I own can fit in my pocket and hardly ever leaves my belt. Leatherman makes the best multitools available. Their new line of black oxide finished tools is incredibly smooth. The Leatherman Rebar would be an awesome surprise for any guy.


For the outdoorsman in your life who would rather be in a flannel and boots breathing in the cool Fall air. The Seymour splitting maul puts 8 pounds behind every swing making chopping wood less taxing.

They always say gathering firewood warms you three times: chopping, carrying, and burning it. Here’s step one.

These are just a few ideas for simple and extremely useful gifts. Take a moment to think about what item would make his diy projects even better. Then take a look around, letting your inspiration lead the way.


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