Handmade Gifts for Men

Here are a few handmade gifts that he wouldn’t expect, but will love.

A Personalized Apron

Handmade Gifts for Men ApronIf he’s a cook and he would prefer not to get oils, sauces, and marinades on his shirt, an apron may be just the thing. I do most of the cooking at our house and without fail, I miss some sort of covering protecting my clothes while I’m at the stove.

Not that I’m particularly messy. Let’s call it…artistic.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can use a template you find online or through those classic McCall’s sewing patterns.

Old Tie Zip Pouch
I confess. I saw this on Pinterest and it’s an awesome idea. And yes, I’m a manly, bearded guy who looks at Pinterest.
    1. Find a classic Repp tie or some funkier patterns at the thrift store.
    2. Take out the threads.
    3. Cut the tie into rectangles the size you would like the mini shave kit, billfold, rolling tobacco bag to be.
    4. I’m not much of a sewer, but I believe you would fold it in half with the inside out.
    5. Then, lay a stitch on each side, sealing it.
    6. Drink some wine or tea while you contemplate how to put in a zipper.
    7. Put in the zipper.
    8. Rip out the zipper.
    9. Drink some more.
    10. Put in the zipper the right way.
A Picture Frame
This is more about personalizing one already made because, as a woodworker, I hate making mitered joints. And picture frames look best with mitered joints.
So, here are some unique ways to customize a frame without pulling your hair out:
  • Paste Shakespearean quotations on it and using lacquer to seal it.
  • Char it. Be careful not to set it completely on fire.
  • Cover it in chrome.
  • Chalkboard paint. The real creativity comes in when you leave him notes on it.
A Jar of Memories

This is firmly on the sentimental side, but it will be awesome. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Take 15 minutes with a pen and paper and sift through your memories together.
  2. Write ten of them down and walk away.
  3. The idea will keep coming back to you throughout the day and new memories will continue to pop up. When they do, write them down, too.
  4. In a day or two, you should have a decent list of some wonderful memories with your guy.
  5. Type them up in a readable font and print them out.
  6. Cut them out into strips, one memory per strip.
  7. Place all the memory strips into a mason jar, piled to the top.
  8. Close it and put a bow around the rim.
  9. Present the present! He’ll dig it, I promise.
Have any handmade gifts for men you’d like to share? Leave us a comment!

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