Old Necktie Dopp Kit

Necktie Dopp KitHere’s a sewing task for those so inclined. Take a trip to your local thrift store and find a few ties that might suit your guy’s taste. If they’re slightly damaged, don’t worry. You’re just going to cut them up anyway.

Which brings us to the task at hand, but first a little bit of history on toiletry bags, shaving pouches, and Dopp kits.

The Dopp Kit

The small bag we put our deodorant, razors (if you’re a shaver), toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. is properly called a Dopp kit. It’s named for the guy who invented it in 1919, a German named Charles Doppelt.

Things really took off for Doppelt during the Second World War when his style toilet bags (sounds dirty) were issued to the G.I.’s.

His company was bought out in 1970 by Samsonite. Smooth move, Samsonite.

So, (Doppelt – elt) + Kit = Dopp Kit which doesn’t sound dirty at all. If someone you know calls it a dob kit, correct them. Also, if it’s a keychain, it’s also a fob. I was informed that kids these days (anyone younger than 25) don’t know that word. Ugh.

Anyway, on to the how-to.

Step One

After you’ve collected your ugly, fancy, preppy ties, cut out the stitching. This will give you the dimensions you will be working with.

Step Two

Pick a section of the tie that is wide enough to hold the basics: razors, toothpaste, aftershave. This will probably be toward the bottom or point of the tie.

Step Three

Cut out a square to your desired width and fold it in half with the inside (the non-patterned side) out.

Step Four

Stitch along the two sides leaving an opening opposite the fold. An iron and some seam tape will probably be handy.

Step Five

Now comes the part I can’t begin to explain: The Zipper. Fortunately, Melly Sews has an awesome tutorial you can follow here.

Step Six

Turn your newly zipped pouch right-side out and you’re done. Add in the easy lip balm, beard oil, and heck, why not the $2 bow tie you already made.

Check out the tutorial on PolkaDotChair.com. She does an amazingly thorough job with her photos and descriptions.

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