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30th Birthday Ideas

30th Birthday Ideas

We’re all getting older, that’s a fact. Nothing brings this to light more than the dreaded 30th birthday. However, no one says that your guy’s 30th birthday has to be a depressing and somber affair. In fact, this milestone needs to be celebrated larger and bigger than any other birthday that came before it. Instead…

3 Easy DIY Gifts

Every holiday season, we’re faced with the stark reality that there is at least one guy we’re shopping for who has everything. Gift buying for them is a pain. Everything you buy, they already have. To combat the post holiday gift return trip, try making one of these 3 easy DIY gifts. 1.┬áCanned Beer Cake…

7 Boyfriend Gift Ideas

The holidays are approaching and even if you haven’t written down the actual names, you’re already mentally going over your list for gifts. There’s mom and dad, siblings and their significant others, grandparents, and then there’s the boyfriend. The person you probably spend the most time with who you still might be drawing a blank…