DIY Picture Frame In 5 Simple Steps

Sure, a picture frame can be a nice present. A basic store bought frame leaves something to be desired, though. Give your guy a present with a personal touch.

Follow these 5 simple steps to create an awesome mosaic DIY picture frame.

Materials Needed: 
  • Broken china/glass
  • Wooden Picture Frame
  • Paint
  • Grout
  • Hot Glue
  • Primer

Step 1. Glass

Gather your broken china or glass carefully. Make sure you have enough to fill in your picture frame.
You can always use cheap china plates with cool designs for your DIY picture frame. Colored broken glass looks especially elegant.Step 2. Sand and paint

If needed, use sandpaper to wear down your wooden picture frame. Next, paint the frame and add primer. Use a color that coordinates well with your broken china or glass. Try using your special someone’s favorite color for an extra personal touch.Step 3. Glass placement

Carefully place each piece of glass or china within the frame. Complete this step slowly. You’ll want to fill in the pieces so that it creates a pleasing pattern. Try placing smaller pieces by big ones to balance things out.
Adding bigger pieces to the four corners of the frame is a nice touch. Fill in the space in between the corners with smaller pieces.Step 4. Adhesives

When you are happy with your pattern, adhere the pieces with hot glue. Apply glue carefully. You don’t want any remnants of the glue to be visible on your frame. Make sure to press the pieces firmly onto the frame.Step 5. Grout

Once the glue has dried, add your grout. Mix it with water until you get a batter-like texture.
When you go to apply the grout, gloves are handy, but not strictly necessary. Use your fingers to smooth the texture, being careful around sharp edges.
Wipe down the pieces with a damp towel. Set your frame aside in a safe, hidden place to dry completely.Once your grout is dry, you’ll have a beautiful mosaic picture frame at a fraction of the retail price. Include your favorite photo of you and your guy. Add a personal note on the stand of the frame for a memory that lasts forever.

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