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DIY Gifts for Men ArtistI realize that this can be a fairly broad category encompassing sculptors, musicians, actors, and your friendly doodler. I’ll try to focus my gift suggestions on the fine arts and people with a do-it-yourself, entrepreneurial mindset.


Again, this is very broad, but this can be anything that helps your artist create their beautiful work.

  • Paintbrushes for the painters. If you’re considering upscale sets, remember, you want them to actually use them. I have some very nice sets of brushes that never get used for fear of wearing them out. Dumb, I know. A decent set of Winsor and Newton brushes have kept me going for a few years now. They cost less than $25.
  • Sketchpads are an easy one for any artist. Often, the most creative moments happen on paper first.
  • I have an affinity for blacksmithing after taking a series of courses at the John C. Campbell Folk School. These supplies can be expensive considering the cost of a good anvil and all the hammers and tongs. Like I say in The Handyman section, start with a hammer and build from there.


This can come from anywhere and no doubt you are a source of it whether you realize it or not. Artists draw from the beauty around them.

Here are a few interesting books to inspire:

     The infamous Banksy is a master at getting noticed, but not recognized.

   Then there’s Steadman. Nobody captured Hunter S. Thompson’s mind as well.

   Let’s round it out with something finer. Gustav Klimt is one of my favorites.

Free Publicity/Making Money

There are a few companies out there who take artists’ original designs and photographs and turn them into archival prints, iPhone cases, throw pillows, and mugs. I’ve been involved with Society6 for a year and a half now and it’s been great.

It takes just a few minutes to set up an account and upload a high-quality photograph or scan. After that, you can resize a copy of the original and they’ll fabricate and ship the product. The artist gets a cut and enjoys more time to create.

Or, you could secretively borrow a piece your artist has done and turn it into a set of throw pillows for your couch, an iPhone skin, or a t-shirt. Imagine their surprise when they see their work professionally emblazoned on useful items.

To give you an idea, here’s a page of some of my photographs and construction paper pieces turned into iPhone and iPod cases.

Nice Clothes

They’re going to get extremely dirty: paint-spattered, dust-covered, coal-blackened. Having something decent to change into once they’re done creating and ready to present their work at a gallery or expo is key.

Never underestimate the power and presence of a man in a dark, well-tailored suit. We stand up straighter, smile more, and behave better.

Those are my initial thoughts. Be sure to check back on the homepage for more ideas as the holidays get closer.

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