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DIY Gifts for Men HammerIt’s more than just hammers, but sometimes a hammer is just the thing.

Here are a few thoughts for a guy who can’t help but make things better.


I was given an Estwing 16 oz. rip claw hammer before I went to college. The quality was obvious from the solid steel shank to the trademark blue Estwing grip. It was so nice, in fact, that someone walked off with it my junior year.

I’ve missed it ever since.

A good hammer is the foundation of any toolbox. Start with the hammer and build from there (no pun intended).


Few vacuum bottles compare to Stanley’s. It’s the quintessential thermos you imagine when you think of brisk mornings, flannel, and the smell of sawdust.

It keeps coffee hot all day and it’s durable enough to be handed down as a family heirloom.

Crescent Wrench

And now on to the other Stanley. They’ve been making forged adjustable wrenches for a long time. They’re inexpensive and extremely handy to have around.

Couple a crescent wrench with a socket set and you can fix any number of things. Add a hammer for some persuasion and you’ve got yourself a trifecta.

But Tools Are So Boring…

Yep, while they are useful they don’t scream GIFT. So, let’s think outside the box a little bit.

Why not give your guy the tools and a set of plans for a project? There are plenty of books for small-scale projects. Here are a few examples:


These three books cover the bases from basic home repairs to complete do-it-yourself projects. Maybe your guy would be interested in repurposing items or refinishing and refurbishing furniture.


Doing Up Old Junk lays out step-by-step how to fix up garage sale items to create unique additions to your home.

Bob Flexner’s Understanding Wood Finishing is chock-full of his more than 18 years of experience woodworking. 

I hope the ideas are coming more freely now. Check back often as we post more ideas here and on the homepage. Leave a comment with more ideas to share!

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