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Here are some ideas for the guy with stacks of notebooks piled on his desk, on the floor, by the bed, in the kitchen…

I’m forever coming up with ideas I need to get down on paper. I have notebooks of all sizes with grocery lists jumbled up with short story ideas and to-do lists.

It’s less organized than I would like, but who has time when the fires of inspiration are burning. Take a look at these ideas for organizing, supplying, and supporting your writer’s habit.


The absolute go-to for pocket-sized notebooks and an historical tip of the hat to the ones Mr. Hemingway used. He put down his spare notes in similar little black notebooks before bringing them all together into his equally spartan work.

They come in a variety of colors: black, red, blue, green, and kraft brown. They also have the option of different page styles: ruled, unruled (blank), and squared (engineer’s paper).


Whether he prefers things plain black like his coffee or with a little spice, giving him a mug that speaks to his personality is a sure bet. It will also keep you on his mind every time he uses it. I have a mustache mug my girlfriend got me for my birthday and I hardly use anything else (a definite gifting win for her).


The only place I see these any more are on receptionists’ desks and in elegant, mahogany-lined studies. I think they have some value for folks somewhere in the middle, too.

It could hold the calendar to keep track of submission dates or simply provide a space for sticky notes and ideas. It goes hand-in-hand with an classy brass desk lamp with a green shade.


They don’t have to be fancy. My fanciest pens stay in their boxes unused most of the time. I figured out years ago that my pen of choice is the basic black Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip.

I used them all through college and seek them out whenever I need new pens. As long as it feels good and doesn’t dry out, it’s a winner. (You might have to do some inconspicuous observing to see what he likes best.)

Only slightly fancier, the Pilot G2 is extremely smooth. Get him a couple of these and some notebooks and you’re golden.

Vintage Typewriter

If your guy is deep into the authentic writing experience, you might consider a vintage typewriter. It makes a racket, but it definitely evokes a certain feeling.

Look around at antique stores and flea markets or make some careful choices on eBay. Seeing my words on a typewritten page is very satisfying.

Well, hopefully that will get you started down a path to some excellent gift ideas. Check the homepage often for new ideas. Cheers!

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