“I never know what to get you!”

“You’re too hard to shop for!”

Have these words ever escaped your lips? I hear them at least twice a year (my birthday and Christmas) from my girlfriend.

I’m like a lot of guys in that if I would like to have something, I usually just go buy it. When asked, I’m not particularly imaginative when I’m asked what I’d like either.

Difficult, I know.

In order to avoid these issues, I created this site. Here you’ll find four basic guy types all related to the DIY attitude. These are guys who are hands-on and dig deep into projects.

The Four Types:

  1. The Outdoorsman
  2. The Writer
  3. The Handyman
  4. The Artist

Lots of guys fit into all of these categories. I’m one of them so I have some firsthand knowledge about what each type likes.

The idea here is to get the mental juices flowing and come up with original, thoughtful gifts that will help your do-it-yourselfer do more.

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